Procyon Training

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Stephanie has trained Service Dogs for Individuals with Special Needs and helped prepare Therapy dogs for their work in hospitals, hospices and nursing homes.  She also has experience successfully addressing dog-dog reactivity, dog-human reactivity, dog-environment reactivity.  Stephanie believes that all training should be Relationship based and, at the same time, reward balanced.  Her goal, at the end of the day, is to make sure the pet parent (or handler), is confident in their ability to communicate to their dog their expectations for behavior and for both dog and human to respond appropriately.  


While Jessica's heart belongs in and to the horse world, her experience with all types of animals (dogs, birds, cats, horses, chicken, etc.,) is an asset to Procyon Training. Whether she is the "friendly stranger" when Stephanie is working with a reactive dog or providing a nail trimming or full service grooming to a Procyon Client, Jessica helps Procyon Training offer the services that meet you and your dogs' needs.

The newest member to the Procyon Training and Reaching for the Stars Service Animal Training Companies is Holly.  Holly has over 4 years working with both domestic and exotic animals. Her animal career began on a Goat Farm and finding that she liked the work (and the goats liked her) she moved onto a local zoo  as a keeper to work with both Domestic Animals (like goats) and Exotic Animals (like camels). Her experience, unique skill set, and love of animals is a welcome addition to our family.