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​Our Team

Stephanie Roberts, 



Canine Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

Jessica Wellman,
Equine Trainer

Stephanie has over 16 years of Dog Training. She is certified through both the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers as well as the International Association of Animal Behaviorists as an Accredited Dog Trainer. She is also a certified Trick Instructor through the Do More With Your Dog Program and is working towards certification as a Canine Fitness Instructor and Dog Parkour Instructor. She has studied positive reinforcement techniques as well as, Behavorial Adjustment Techniques.

Grew up owning and working with horses & dogs. After studying different equine training techniques Jessica has combined classical training techniques with positive reinforcement to help create confident curious animals that enjoy the work they do with their handler. Some of the trainers followed includes Buck Brannaman, Klaus Hempfling, Monty Roberts, Tom Dorreance, & Ray Hunt.

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