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Dogs &
Miniature Horses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Procyon Training

Why do we promote our credentials when there are a lot of trainers who do not have any credentials?
Dog training is an unregulated field. Anyone can advertise that they are a dog trainer. However, there have been huge leaps made in Behavioral science (for dogs and people) in regards to the  most ethical, moral, and humane way to train a dog. For us, at Procyon Training, it’s not simply about getting results but how we are getting results. 

Why do we want to do a Consultation before beginning Private Sessions? 
During a consultation, Stephanie or another Trainer meets with you to a)  meet the dog, b) take a behavioral history, c) listens to the issues that the dog and owner are having, d) determine if the Procyon Team has the skill set to meet those needs, e) create a training plan, f) most importantly, make sure the trainer and owner are a good fit to work together. 

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