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Level 1


Level 1 Skills include:Engagement,

Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Leave It, Take It, Give, Drop, 8 Loose Leash Walking Games, No Jumping, No Biting, No Begging, No Snatching, and 3 Life Saving Cues. 

Classes are 6 Weeks are taught by nationally and internationally accredited instructors.

Level 2

While proofing all Level 1 Skills, teams learn the Swing Command, Finish Command, as well as Heel, Stand, Recall with Distractions, and Stays (Sit, Stand, and Down) with Distractions so that they are prepared to earn their Novice Obedience Title.

The “Place” command is also taught in this class. 


In this class, teams prepare for the AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Test as well as the CGC-A and CGC-U


In this class, continue to build a strong bond while working towards their Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert Trick Dog Titles. They can also earn the AKC trick titles.


Shake, Spin, Roll Over, Play Dead, Take a Bow, are some of the basic tricks that are covered.


In these advanced classes, teams learn the sport of Parkour or Nose Work.

The Parkour Class meets in different locations.

The Nose Work Class will prepare teams to compete in Nose Work Trials.

Start Dates

Level 1 Class, Saturday, September 9th @ 12:00pm

Level 1 Class, Sunday, September 10th @ 2:00pm

Level 1 Class, Tuesday, September 12th @ 10:00am

Level 1 Class, Wednesday, September 13th @ 6:00pm

Level 1 Class, Tuesday, September 19th @ 6:00pm

Level 1 Class, Saturday, September 23rd @ 10:30am

Tricks Class, Sunday, September 24th @ 3:30pm

Level 2 Class, Monday, September 25th @ 6:00pm

Level 1 Class, Thursday, September 28th @ 7:00pm

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