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Customer Testimonials

"If you are considering a trainer, I highly recommend Stephanie. Not only is she an expert at her craft, but she is an incredibly good person as well...

Her ability to understand dogs individually and as a group is remarkable. She has the ability to see a dog's behavior and understand what the dog is doing and why. She notices everything, and can pick up on interactions between a handler and dog that need to be changed in order to achieve better results."

- Annie, Liberty's Mom


"Stephanie is a wonderful trainer...She sets a great tone for class, is understanding, knowledgeable, and loves working with dogs (and humans because we are the ones that really need the training).  I would highly recommend any training opportunities through Stephanie."

- Jen, Koda, Tyson, and Lani's Mom


"Stephanie helped me to train my English Mastiff, Dakota. 

She has been a great asset to our family. Stephanie has given me the knowledge and confidence to help my dog become a well behaved dog. I feel comfortable bringing Dakota into an Assistant Living home to visit the people who live there. Dakota is very calm and gentle with the people.

Stephanie stood out from all the local business where we could have taken our dog to get trained. I always recommend people to take their dogs to Stephanie for training. I am sad that Stephanie left Maryland. It is going to be hard to find a great trainer who really cares."

- Megan, Dakota's Mom